Bereavement military support for families

Bereavement support for the military

Help when you've lost a loved one in the Armed Forces

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Bereavement support for the military

If you have lost a loved one whilst they are serving in the Armed Forces, then SSAFA can support you through your bereavement.

Our Support Groups

Sometimes the people who can help most are those who have been through the same experiences as you. SSAFA’s Support Groups are communities of Forces families and individuals facing similar challenges that help each other and offer mutual support.

We have two groups for those experiencing the loss of someone in the military:

Support Group for Bereaved Families (BSFG)

Join us to meet and talk with other families who have lost a loved one whilst serving in the Armed Forces. Our group was set up by a group of bereaved families from across the Services and we provide mutual support, information and advice.

Support Group for Bereaved Siblings (BSSG)

Our group is here to bring together young people who have lost a brother or sister serving in the Armed Forces. We meet up regularly to talk, have a laugh and get support from each other.

Practical support for your bereavement

If the worst happens and you lose a loved one whilst they are serving then it is the responsibility of the Army, Royal Navy or RAF to take the lead and offer you practical support.

There are also many organisations and charities which exist to offer support in different areas, from bereavement counselling through to financial assistance. Find out more about who can help you following a bereavement.